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Chapter 3: An offer they can't refuse (create mind-blowing landing pages for Search Engines and people)


  • All nasty mistakes are corrected
  • Frames and flash are done with.
  • Your site is submitted to Search Engines
  • Crawlers will have no problem looking at it

And we can get down to on-page optimization as it is. Exactly what you'll learn and do this time is:

Go ahead with the guide, and you'll see what stands behind these tricky titles. Warning: you've got a real lot to learn, but remember this is a practical guide, so guess what? You have even more to DO, getting ready for the big success day. And this time, the talk is about on-page optimization, which is twisting and changing pages on your website, as opposed to off-page optimization, which is, playing with SEO–related things that exist outside your web pages.

Here′s an example.

Last time me and my wife came back after a holiday trip, we looked at our house and realized at once: our elder boy has had a rocking party. These teenagers nearly ruined the house! But that's not the point.

Preparing for the party, Mike got lots of music CDs, plenty of beer and he even decorated the house. (I never thought my son had a sense of beauty :) This was similar to on–page optimization.

And, together with his 2 friends they decided whom to invite and gave out dozens of invitation cards. This is pretty much like off–page optimization works. Both on-page and off-page optimization can help you get a better position in Search Engines, that is, to drive more visitors to your site. Or, in terms of our material world, what you're going to do now will definitely drive more money to your bank account. So why wait? Let's go.

3.1 Imagine you're on a plane, or What's a landing page?

Think of the word: landing.

I guess one of the first things to associate is a landing field. And indeed, it has pretty much in common with a landing page.

OK, now let's imagine you're on a plane, and it's about to land. Here's the picture: the Boeing's wheels meet the runway, and in a couple of moments, it taxies to the landing field. You see a tube attached, and in just a couple of moments, you rush to the airport building together with a flow of people. Now think: where do they all go to? Either to register and take a taxi to a hotel, or to wait at the terminal, amusing themselves getting souvenirs and duty–free spirits.

And here's the essence: of these crowds of people that arrive, no one stays at the landing field for long, and nobody leaves it by the same path they came. The stream of people moves where it should move, and that's pretty much the same direction for all. Putting it in SEO terms, all visitors proceed further.

So if your web page were a landing field, nobody'd be able to hit the Back button in the browser. And, because you can't say "Don't hit the back button!", your goal is to set your visitor in a mood to do what you expect (e.g. buy, or click a link, or leave a comment and so on), and not click the backward arrow.

A landing page can look like a plain–text article, or like a bunch of short couple–of–words product descriptions, a directory of articles, a form to enter visitor's name and email, or else.

Look here for examples. That's the URL of a nice landing page that invites you to visit a beauty salon: or here's a landing page that directs its visitors to enter their names and contact information:

Whatever it looks like, a landing page's created for two main purposes:

  1. Attracting visitors
  2. Keeping them and making them proceed further and complete certain actions (sign up for a newsletter, place an order, leave a review, etc.)

These two things can be the steps to your first million, so remember them! And — let's come up to the table.


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Today have a cheat back plugin.
When visitor hit the back button, they redirect to other landing pages.
But if your content is bad, NO.

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