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About the Author

Dan Richmond authored SEO in Practice after 8 years of doing SEO. It started as a hobby, when he helped his uncle with a site selling bikes, and in 2002 Dan got his first client. Since then, he's worked with persons and companies from all over the world and currently, he's the Senior SEO Consultant in Link-Assistant.Com. Dan initiated development of SEO SpyGlass tool and formed the Link-Assistant.Com outstanding support service. The total sum his clients' businesses gained since he started consulting in Link-Assistant.Com is over $37 mln.

Dan's practice-oriented strategies proved to be winning and easy-to follow. While his Stanford diploma implies a deep-insight approach, still clients say that instructions and techniques he offers are simple and handy.

Here's what he says of his book: "On the Web, time's moving too fast to spend days learning — you either do things straight away — or you're a loser. When you manage websites for 8 years, you see where this essence of achieving first-class sale lies. And you no longer think of it. You just sit and do SEO. That's what I always tell my clients, and what I'm going to show to my readers."

The book teaches real working steps to get any website to the top in Search Engines — and it's all told in a simple manner. As Dan puts it, "I'll prove that a 12-year old child, a welding operator or the queen of Sweden may equally well do SEO."

Along with writing SEO in Practice and other SEO materials, Dan Richmond is head of consulting in Link-Assistant.Com, and he keeps optimizing his clients' sites and giving SEO consultations. You can also contact Dan and get a consultation with him or share your thoughts on SEO in Practice.