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Chapter 2: How do we play by Search Engines' rules? (Avoiding crawlability problems)

Let's see once again, what you've got after the first chapter.

  • You learnt how people do the search, and how they will find your website.
  • You know what keywords are and how they can be good or bad for making money from a website
  • You made a great investment to your upcoming success: a list of laser-targeted keywords to optimize your site for
  • You also met my two sons, Mike and Andy :)
  • And, you completed the first quiz to check how much you've learnt and to get a certificate later

And here's what you'll find in Chapter 2:

So your next big task is On-page Optimization of your site.

First, let me explain to you what on-page and off-page optimization is.

That's what my wife demonstrated very successfully, 20 years ago.

We were both taking a marketing course at the University, and we talked once after Mr. Moore's lecture. Well, I thought she was OK, but nothing else.
But she thought of me more than just OK, I guess. And, she turned out to be very pushy :)

Me and my roommate made a unicorn party, I remember it now, I looked so funny with the silver-foil horn. I was a Search Engine at that time! And, I didn't expect to see Linda Mayes that night. She looked just great: a knee-long red dress, low neck, 4-inch spike heels, you know, I was speechless. That was the on-page optimization: making your site (or sight) appealing to the Search Engine!

Later, I found out how she got invited. Her roommate had a sister that dated the guy who made some marketing research together with my roommate. So using these connections, she turned out to be invited, and got introduced to me by my roommate Steve. And this is a good illustration of off-page optimization: finding good connections and right places to appear, thus making the Search Engine think more of your site.

So this time, we'll get busy with what comes first, which is on-page optimization. Again, you'll need to do some preparatory work. First of all, you have to check if your site is indexed by Search Engines.


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#1038 2010-03-05 06:59:09 neha sood

Very nice analogy :) Very very impressive

#932 2010-01-05 10:30:13 Victor Wukovits

The analogy was clever and explains everything clearly.

#819 2009-12-09 08:15:39 Dan Richmond

Love your example, Ken!

#803 2009-12-07 20:17:26 Ken Taylor

What a fun way to look at life. If I may...
There's this fantastic Indian restaurant that me and my friends always go to.

Onpage Optimization: The food is simply fantastic. They always give us complementary Pompodus. They serve Kingfisher. And the prices are unbeatable.

Offpage Optimization: We tell any newcomer to town about this fantastic Indian restaurant--would that be backlinks? The restaurant advertises in the popular local online ezine about our town--lots of people go there to find info about whats up or how to get someplace.

Again I have a bunch of questions, but judging from the previous way you presented Lesson 1, these questions will be answered.

#766 2009-11-16 02:55:48 Sunganani Manjolo

I get it clearly...

#537 2009-10-20 00:55:24 Everett Patterson

Good stuff, still need more!

#204 2009-02-08 20:35:53 Patrick Patrick

I like your analogy on the onpage & offpage optimization :)

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