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3.6.4 Write gripping content

It′ s time to write content for your landing page. Again, like I already said, write it for both, Search Engines, and people.

Make good use of keywords to let Search Engines fall in love with you. And never forget about your visitors. You, and me, and all other internet entrepreneurs attract visitors due to being at the top of Google for our keywords — easy to understand.

And, we convert our visitors, that is make them do what we want: buy our sports shoes, or donate to our dog shelter, or post on our Star Wars forum, by persuasive contents of our landing pages.

So your landing page must be a combination of both: search–engine–friendly contents and call for action. Be up–to–the point, and make your invitation irresistible. Never forget this thumb rule about being FANTASTIC and NATURAL at the same time.

Once I tried a curious thing to do. I started SEOing two pages at a time; they were both about the same kids′ clothes. And, I did absolutely the same things to both pages, except for one thing: they had different content. One page was stuffed with keywords, 7.3% to be precise. The other one only had 0.6% of keywords, and it was very well–written, like you know there′ re such pages that you read and you want to click the BUY button and grab all you see.

Now the result of it all: during 3 months, the keyword–rich page got 3.802 visitors, and only 76 of them made an order. The other page got 813 visitors, and 202 of them bought something. Among these people, 43 even got several items.

So this was a thing to learn: high traffic matters, but high conversion makes it all! Good human–friendly content converts. And, keyword–rich but senseless web pages only make visitors hit the Back button.

Write for both, people and Search Engines.

Think well about your first sentence! Exactly the way humans do, crawlers believe that the first sentence is very important. Most often, that′ s a prominent headline that we put in an H1 tag. I′ ll tell you about this tag in just a couple of minutes, and right now just think well of your page′ s contents. Make it keyword–rich and full of sense, so that it looks equally great to people and to crawlers.

And, just think how lucky you are! You′ ve got an advisor to help you. The WebSite Auditor report compares your top 10 competitors′ pages (remember the Page Optimization Audit Report?) and tells you how long the texts on your landing page should be, how many keywords you should use, where to put them and so on. Follow the tips you see — and be sure to make a fantastic page!

DO IT NOW! Write good content for your web page. Use WebSite Auditor tips to make your content′ s quality outstanding: adhere to the recommended text length, keyword density and places where keywords should be put.

That′ s a cool trick, right? The program tells you all you have to do on your page. All that′ s red is in bad need for a change. All that′ s green is great. Now keep doing what the report says, and in the meanwhile, read the guide further.

Make your keywords catch the eye

First, please read this:

Ten reasons to turn off television

Now, think what things grabbed your attention most. Not taking the TV set into account, no doubt, the number one thing was the biggest heading. Then, for sure, things that are written in bold or italic.
Well, Search Engines try so much to be like you and me, and they notice the same things, that is, headings and emphasized text.

I′ ll tell you a bit more about it.

First, headings, or more exactly, H1 and H2 texts

What′ s H1, H2 and so on? In HTML, headings and subheadings are marked with H1 to H6 tags, to define the size of your headings, like they appear to the user. So there′ re 6 levels of headings, H1 is the biggest, and H6 is the smallest. Normally, we put headlines, titles and other important things into H–tags.

The most substantial headings, I believe, are H1. In fact, Search Engines believe the same. It should be noted, however, that H2–H6 tags carry very little to no weight to Search Engines, but we design our page for users too, remember?

So here′ s your new winning step: add some keywords into your headings.
For H1 tags, use your major (green) keywords.

As for H2–H6 headings, take your "yellow" keywords — the ones we chose as optional. Don′ t forget to look up your personal On–page Optimization Report for more tips.

Second, bold and italic fonts

As I mentioned, Search Engines′ crawlers try to be as human–like as possible. And they believe that what′ s bold or italic is more important than simple plain text.

You know what I′ m driving at?

DO IT NOW! Try to emphasize your keywords: put them in H1 and H2 headings texts. Where you have prominent ideas on the page, express them using your keywords, and make this text bold or italic. Don′ t forget to make the changed pages available online.

Sure, WebSite Auditor gives you a hand with headings, bolds and italics, so you′ re absolutely safe.


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#210 2009-02-18 04:22:15 Dan Richmond

I'm really sorry about the mess with the name... I believe to see your rankings progress soon. Will be great if you stay in touch and keep me posted at

Not headed for Praha yet but who knows! :)

Also I see there's a problem with the PepperJam affiliate network not approving your request. Please register with the other affiliate network, using this link:

Keep in touch, Laus!

#208 2009-02-13 05:28:19 Laus Sorensen

Hi Dan;

Thanks for the comments - again very useful!
What I'll do is to finish the project with 10 landing pages (combined with working offsite as well). It is going to take a while, as I am the only guy in the company, so SEO is just a part of my daily schedule.
Then I'll probably start finetuning the pages (according to "gut" as you describe it) in the order they were created, because by then I should have an idea of their progress thanks to my daily 15 minutes with Rank Tracker.
I have to say that I find these programs fun to work with, which is quite important for me. It means that I am motivated to work harder and longer than I used to be. And that detail is in itself probably worth the price I've paid.
I signed up for the affiliate program but never got the final OK...

And if you want to see Prague, then you have an official invitation from the Praha Expert! I'll set you up in one of my apartments for free. Only condition would be to share some of your time getting advice from you. But I have to warn you: Laus is NOT a girl's name :-)

#205 2009-02-11 03:54:13 Dan Richmond

Hi Laus,
Sure you have the point here. It is easily possible that your competitors gained their rankings thanks to offpage rather than on-page optimization.

You can use SEO SpyGlass software to analyze their links and see if that's right. You will see which anchor text they are using in their incoming links. Quite possible that they've got a lot of backlinks with anchors "Prague apartments" and "Prague holiday" - the keywords you're targeting. Also it is possible that your competitors are optimizing for other keywords and these keywords could be (even more) profitable for your business.

If you feel confdent enough to stuff your webpages with these keywords more densely this is absolutely up to you. I am sure that you will succeed, because you've got intuition and understanding of things which a lot of other guys don't have. By doing SEO the way you chose, bearing in mind that you know what you're doing (and you seem like a person who does know what she's doing) you may reach high results faster than less SEO-capable persons. The point is, you get results anyway. If you've got the gut and a bit of your own idea, you will probably get results faster.

I wish you fast and lasting success with your website (which made me wish to visit Prague BTW :)) and hope to stay in touch (


#1300 2010-06-04 10:26:58 Thomas Kampling

Dear Dan please let me add a maybe crucial Quetsion about Anchor Text and Alt Text.
My Niche is using very different Keywords for the same thing. You can Imagine, when it is about Callgirls.
Never the less, from the beginning of my onpage efforts, I was using a "Bundle" of the four most often used Description for that Job, just in variation of the Combination 1st, 2nd, 3rd last 4rth and backwards 4,3,2,1 of course also mixed together and then added with some geo Information.
The same to the ALT texts for Img.

Do I confuse the SE`s by using sometimes 7-8 different words for alt Attributes? Is this way considered to be spammy?

When it comes to Anchortext, do I loose Quality for single "Anchorphrases" by using several despription for that job, or does it balance up to share the weight of relevance for every single Phrase ( like counting a summary count- like points given to each used Keyword )?

Or would you say that if I used only the Phrase "Callgirl" it would be of more benefit for my overall Rankings?
Remember, I do not need to be found in Google image search, just targeting gaining most of possible SEO value for the all of the different Main Keywords.

Do I want to much at a time, and should split the use öf the diff. Words on every other site another main Targeted Keyword?

I do not want to count Peanuts, but the more pages and alt`s and the more different Anchor Text of incoming links,what is the best practice for the highest value.

I Hope you undestand my confusion, I am still struggling in english to get the point as I would like to!?

Nice Weekend Thomas

#1305 2010-06-10 07:29:45 Dan Richmond

Thanks for the question.

Not sure I got you 100% right but here are the answers - let me know if I missed :)

1) It's fine to optimize a page for several phrases, but it should not be more than 2-3 main keyphrases, otherwise the page won't be really aimed at any of the phrases.

It's best to have several pages each optimized for one phrase.

2) It's best to have 1 keyphrase per image in the alt tags (2-3 at the most)

3) As for the anchors - select 2-3 main keywords and compose differing anchors with all of them, for instance

get callgirls
browse callgirls
[town name] callgirls


If you still have questions please show us the URL of your pages/keywords.


#203 2009-02-06 10:32:11 Laus Sorensen

Thank you for getting back to me, Dan!

Let me give you a couple of examples:

I am working on the site The company offers accommodation in Prague for individual travellers, mainly in holiday apartments.

So far I've worked my way through 2 landing pages, using the keywords "Prague apartments" and "Prague holiday"
In both cases the top 10 competitors don't really use the actual keyword combination very much, which makes the program tell me to exclude it from bold, H1 tags, anchor texts and Image Alt Texts. And even though I know I shouldn't spam by using the keywords too much - well, I guess I should use them...
And this is my point: no matter how my competitors gained their high rankinks on these keywords (maybe by chance, actually aiming at some other keywords, maybe by offsite optimization), I believe the general SEO advice would be to use the keywords in H1, anchors and Image alt texts - of course without spamming. But if I choose to do so, I get a very low score

Anyway, I have chosen to follow the advice of WebSite Auditor as much as possible, and then we'll see if I succeed. I am not too sure.
I plan to make around 10 landing pages, and I feel confident that the overall result will be an improvement, no matter what :-)

#200 2009-02-06 08:12:30 Dan Richmond

<b>@Laus Sorensen</b>

Laus, I'm thankful for your comment. However it sounds far too general.

If you would like to discuss this further, I would recommend you to get in touch with Link-Assistant.Com support team at
and tell them what exactly seems wrong to you and what exactly you would like to see changed in WebSite Auditor. If you talk with LA you'll rather get the first-hand answers.

Also, talking about WebSite Auditor, I'd like to mention that its core idea is to spot the onpage techniques that will work for the particular niche where the site competes. This is why the tool is analyzing the top 10 sites and giving recommendations based on these particular sites. Quite sure onpage (or content) optimization alone will hadly bring your site to the top, as it is part of an entire complex of SEO activities.

#197 2009-02-04 17:42:22 Laus Sorensen


Increased the optimization rate from 60.1% to 82.6%

But I am left with some questions. It seems to me that WebSite Auditor focuses more on duplicating trends from the competitors than on general SEO techniques. I chose to follow the advice given and that sometimes let me make changes which I didn't consider wise taking into consideration the information I have from other sources.
I believe it would be good if there was a greater emphasis on general SEO tips - and then a comparison to the competing sites. This would make it easier to make an outstanding page instead of a mixture of existing pages' techniques

Comments page: