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3.7 Make your page a gem

You′ re not fully done with on–page optimization until you shape your page up a bit more. First, make your Webpage Report once again. Baby–simple: just go back to the Keywords tab of WebSite Auditor and click Regenerate.

Regenerate button in WebSite Auditor
Regenerate button in WebSite Auditor

Wait a couple of seconds before your smart tool does the job, and switch to the report. Now, look at it one more time. If you followed the recommendations before, I guess now your report is more green and yellow and less red.

If you have red spots, something′ s wrong on your page. Yellow cells mean you′ re quite close to the ideal. So go over the Webpage Report again and make the corrections WebSite Auditor tells you to make.

And, after you made the recommended changes, again, upload the page to the site and check it with WebSite Auditor. You have to go on with your checks and corrections until your report′ s almost all green.

DO IT NOW! Check your webpage with WebSite Auditor and make corrections, where the software shows they′ re needed. After that, publish the page to the Web and check it again. Do this several times, until the software says your page′ s fine.

3.8 Magnetic, sure-fire, pushing and simply great: 4 more pages to be done

You′ ve got your first landing page? Good job!

What you have to do now is, make 4 more pages. But these are not just four pages. These should be 4 fantastic&natural pages. If a page is the 3rd, and not the first one you made, it doesn′ t mean it can be worse in quality. Each page must be as great as the first one, just targeting different keywords. The software will help you find an ideal page structure, and my comments will guide you all way through.

Look at your keyword list and choose the next main keyword plus extra ones that come with it. You′ ll use these keywords for a new page. Try to make each of the 4 pages as great as you can.

So, ready with your main keyword? Then, go through all steps to make another great landing page, starting from "Preparing a page to optimize" in 3.3.

DO IT NOW! Run all this chapter′ s recommendations from the very start to create 4 more landing pages.

This is all you have to do for the on–page optimization part.


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#427 2009-07-09 04:53:48 Dan Richmond


please write to Link-Assistant.Com's support at

and send your WebSite Auditor project to them please. (That's the file with the .wsa extension).

#426 2009-07-08 17:49:41 david derhy

Hi, you have an error on calculating H1 Heading Keyword Density in the WebSite Auditor report. 3 of 6 = 100% Density instead of 50%
just to let you know.

#5180 2021-08-24 07:52:10 cookie clicker

YES! I put logically keywords in it, or should i focus on my green one!

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