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4.11 Summary

I′m not going to talk much. To sum up what you just read (and that′s what I believe you already remember well):

  • With links, sites "vote" for each other — and Search Engines look at these votes.
  • Quality of links is much more important than their quantity.
  • Links can sit on all pages of a site — and they′re called sitewide links, and they can also come from homepages and inner pages of a site.

You′ve also learnt how to judge on the quality of links and how to choose the right anchors for your links.

And believe me, that′s quite enough to start getting big amounts of really good–working links — and this is what we′re going to do next.

But first — don′t forget about the quiz!


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#102 2008-09-18 15:39:28 Colin Wallace

Great write up!. Easy to follow and understand, thank you.

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