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2.4 Summary

For now, that's it.

  • Search Engines know about your site
  • Crawlers can now check your site fast and without any problem
  • Your chances to be found on the Web have greatly increased

Taking all this together, you did great things to make Search Engines love your web pages and show them to Internet users. But believe me, there's a lot more of it to learn, in the third chapter.

But first, let's see how well you understood what you read. Take your second quiz to check yourself and be one more step closer to getting an SEO certificate.


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#1717 2010-11-27 23:00:13 khairul Amry

thanx dan. From here, i've got many tips before i don't

#1069 2010-03-21 13:00:06 Alexis Jaworski

This is very useful. I use a template for my website, so some suggestions do not quite work (as I do not have access to all the codes) but it helps me understand and have a general picture of what happens. Thanks for this, I shall carry on reading now!

#900 2010-01-01 11:44:31 Paul Watchorn

A lot of very interesting informaton in the last chapter. Things like 'making different paths to the same page' seem obvious (once you read about it).

It's good stuff.

#809 2009-12-08 04:49:37 Ken Taylor

Feedback for Lesson 2:
Awesome! Dan, again, I like your writing style. What I liked about this lesson was the links you provided; the samples of what you would expect to see; and the best of all, you always made a call to action--"Go ahead, do it now."

My only suggestion would be in some places, like finding a "fast loading hosting service", I wish your were more specific as to what feature I need to look for.

Oh! One more thing. I like the way you have chunked down all this info. By doing so, it's easy to take in small amounts and get it internalized and having fun while do it--working on my own site as you speak.

Dan-sensei, Doomo Arigatoo Gozaimashita!

m(_ _)m


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