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SEO in Practice Affiliate Program

Not long after the first chapters of SEO in Practice went online I started receiving letters saying how helpful this guide turned out to be. About a third of my readers took the time to share their success stories with me. Here's just one of them.

Hi Dan,

My name is Rick Clayton. I just decided to drop a line or two to say thanks for your great SEO book. I'm certainly no pro SEO, and I never wanted to become one anyway. In fact the whole thing about this search optimization was Greek to me until I got my hands on your book. You really cleared things up.

Now I'm pushing my website up in the rankings at 90 mph, good thing Google has no traffic cops. Thanks for showing the speedy way with the software you recommend, I guess I would've never done this by hand (I'm too old and too lazy for this). I'm already 9 in Google and 6 in Yahoo for my most important keyword, and I haven't even done half of the things you advise.

The small business I used to have selling handmade pottery online doesn't look small at all any more. Man, you really got me sweating out with your SEO guide. I've got more visitors than pots to sell, and I've already mentioned being lazy, haven't I.

You've done a great job with your SEO book. You know what I like best about it? It's free. And that makes me feel like I owe you more than just a thanks. So, here's a pot I made for you, hope you like it.


Best regards,

PS: please, give me your postal address so that I can send you the pot.

And there were many more of such letters. I really appreciate your kind feedback (many thanks for the pot Rick). Now that I know my guide is really working I want to get it through to as many people as possible. Naturally, I won't be able to do this on my own since I've got a lot of other work to do. So here's my offer.

Help me promote my book and you'll earn good money. Basically this is what SEO in Practice Affiliate Program is all about. I bet you have two reasonable questions: What do you mean by 'good money'? and How do I promote it? Here are my answers.

How Much You Earn

To put it short you can earn from $32.91 to $197.67 from just one visitor. Here's how it works

As you have probably noticed, in my SEO in Practice guide I do a lot of teaching on how you can use SEO software to make your promotional efforts more effective. The tools I recommend here are LinkAssistant, Rank Tracker, SEO SpyGlass and Website Auditor. I personally advised their development, I know they are good and I'm really proud of them.

In the book I never say that you can't do SEO without this software at all, as I always show a longer but 100% free way to do the same things. Still, after reading the guide 2 out of 7 people choose efficiency and buy either one or all of the mentioned tools. Now, here's what's in it for you.

I offer you to become affiliate promoters of SEO in Practice, and earn money by helping people get a grip on free SEO advice. That means every time you get another person to read this book and opt for our software we share the profit. Now let's get closer to life.

Suppose you put a text link or banner leading to SEO in Practice at your website. Someone clicks on it, gets here, reads the book and eventually ends up buying Rank Tracker for $99.75. In that case you get 33% commission earning $32.91 for just leading this person to our website. Sounds great? Then read on. If this person buys SEO PowerSuite (the bundle of all 4 tools) for $599 you get $197.67 from just one visitor! with little to no effort. With just 6 leads a month you can get as much as $1,186. And this is another $14,232 a year.

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How You Promote It

It couldn't be simpler. You sign up with our affiliate program and get your unique affiliate ID. This is your personal number that will be used to track down each and every visitor that you refer to us. We'll provide you with a variety of banners, text links and other creatives carrying your affiliate ID.

You just choose the link or banner that you think will work best for your visitors and put it on your website. Every time someone clicks on your link, reads the book and buys our software, you get your 33% commission. However, you want to do more than just flashing a banner. Remember the more people you refer to us, the more you earn. You can put your affiliate links into your forum and e-mail signatures, on your blog and wherever people can see them and click through.

Since sky is the limit to your affiliate profits, you can work out other ways of promotion. Write an honest review from the point of view of a customer. If someone asks you a question that is answered in the book, simply refer the person to it with your affiliate link. Improvise, be initiative and you'll be nicely rewarded.

Team Up with the Best Affiliate Manager

Another great thing about SEO in Practice affiliate program is the high quality and ease of management. Our affiliate program is run by Plimus — one of the most trusted and reliable e-commerce providers.

With this manager your affiliate experience is sure to be profitable and enjoyable even if you're completely new to affiliate marketing. Plimus will provide you with invaluable information resources that will help you become a top earning affiliate within weeks.

Once you sign up with SEO in Practice Affiliate program you'll automatically get an affiliate account at Plimus. It is from there that you'll be able to manage your affiliate campaign, get links and banners, view your performance stats and much more. For more information on Plimus, you can read their FAQ section.

Once you've registered and got approved at Plimus check out our Affiliate Center for banners, text links and creatives.

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Roll Up for the Magic Affiliate Tour

Let's sum up what you get with SEO in Practice Affiliate Program

  • Sky-high commission of 30% 33%

  • Easy registration
    The whole process will take up just a couple of minutes

  • Reliable tracking of sales
    You get your unique affiliate ID automatically imbedded into each affiliate link and banner telling us it was you who sent the client. This ensures high transparency of all transactions so that you can have peace of mind knowing you get credit for every sale you trigger.

  • Regular monthly payments
    You choose the payment method that is convenient for you and get your money on time every time. The available payment methods are Check, Direct Deposit, PayPal, wire transfer or Plimus Prepaid MasterCard. Payments are sent to you on the 15th of every month.

  • Ready-made top-converting promos and creatives
    More people click on your links, more people read the book and more people bring you money.

  • Easy stats tracking
    You can easily evaluate the efficiency of your affiliate campaign and keep online track of your earnings. Know how you perform and you'll perform better.

  • Prompt affiliate support
    Email us at and you're guaranteed to get a reply within 24 hours.

  • 360 days cookie duration
    Even if the person you referred to us buys within a year after having clicked your link you still get your commission.

Let's get started!

Guess you're eager to start off and head for your first commissions. I'd hate to keep you waiting. Just click the button and push your affiliate campaign for maximum profits!

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Dan Richmond,
Senior SEO Consultant,