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5.8 Summary

Normally, in a chapter summary I talk about the results you got due to that chapter. This time, let me sum up the whole link building part — and add a bit more.

What′ s the result of what you read and what you already managed to do?

  • I believe you′ re getting more and more links.
  • Probably some blogger or reviewer is writing a story about you right now
  • You′ ve got brilliant one–way links from the best forums, blogs and directories in your industry.
  • And much much more.

No doubt you′ ve done a great lot — and you′ ll see results soon. But here′ s the most important point — of SEO, I mean, and of link building: NEVER STOP.

Optimizing your site must be your everyday habit. It′ s as necessary for an online business as non–stop accounting for a bank.

So don′ t stop doing SEO. As soon as you′ re done with one task, switch to another and then get back to the previous ones. Build links day after day — and don′ t forget to check your rankings.

I′ ve told you dozens of secrets and explained dozens of tricks. And I′ m always there to help you even more at Anyway, now it′ s you and only you who′ s fully prepared to shake Google′ s top.

And your persistence is your keystone to success.

You think I forgot to mention something? Nay. Here′ s the thing: you′ re about to get your SEO certificate.

Take the final quiz and make sure you′ re totally prepared to seriously run your website and escalate your customer flow.

And I′ ve got another small surprise you will surely like. I′ m letting you put your SEO Certificate logo on your webpage — to cement the trust of your friends and clients. Having an SEO Certificate means you have the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve results and this expertise is confirmed by a trusted source. And lets you boast a bit ;)

Ready to go? Make one last step to becoming a certified SEO. Go through your final SEO quiz!


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#4234 2015-09-08 16:26:29 britesource sl

but what about the "Parthner" page on someones blog - it just will look like some kind of "link farm" as well, won't it?

#4236 2015-09-09 02:35:49 Dan Richmond

That`s partially true, this method is rather obsolete, though there are still some ways to make such pages look natural enough. E.g. by organizing it in a manner of events-page where you are referring to your partners or participants, or any other kind of page that is filled up with dynamic content and is being updated constantly.

#3767 2013-12-04 07:59:23 Seo marketing

Whoohoo 100 out of 100!

#1576 2010-09-30 10:57:24 Maksims Terehovics

What is the value of gorgeous-looking link directory for a potential site partner?
If I have site with PR5 I will not put a link just to be put in the gorgeous-looking link directory. Do you agree?

#1580 2010-10-01 05:22:28 Dan Richmond

I do somewhat, but webmasters with starter sites would definitely pay attention to the fact that the link directory does not look like a link farm that contains all kinds of links and will only harm you.

#5502 2024-01-31 08:29:22 Betty King

Thank you very much for writing this piece and sending it to us. We really like what you do

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