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SEO Certificate


3.9 Summary

This time, you′ ve done a lot. So much to change or make anew. Good job.

And, thinking of how much you′ ve done, you must know an even greater thing: your site is so much closer to getting a top position!

In short, you took a big stone and killed two big birds: starting from now, your pages win love of Search Engines and people. Look:

  • Your web pages look lovely to Search Engines
  • Your site′ s content looks great and reads great
  • Your landing pages make visitors do what you want
  • Plus you′ ve learnt more about keywords, ALT and title tags, Search Engine crawlers, Meta descriptions and what not!

By the way, do you remember, you′ re also on your way to get an SEO certificate? So, while your knowledge is fresh, go ahead and complete the quiz.


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#952 2010-01-21 19:50:32 brandon barnes

What a <strong>great chapter</strong> Danno, now it's quiz time ;-] yay !!!

btw, my site is steadily improving.. you make teaching look/seem simple ;-) great composition skills

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