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2.2 Invite robots to your site

1) Submit your site to Search Engines

Yes, let's send each Search Engine's spider a personal invitation to visit your site.

Baby-simple: go to the Search Engine that's important to you, and type in "add URL to name_of_the_search_engine", follow the link you see, enter the necessary data and thus submit your website to this Search Engine

Note! Search Engines don't expect you to submit all your webpages (just think of some forums that have a few thousand pages — the owner would go crazy submitting them!). All you have to do is submit your homepage.

Want an example? Here we go with Google!

If you type in a search query "add URL to Google" you'll get the following options:

To add a page via your Webmaster Tools account, see detailed instructions at

If you choose to proceed with the second option, after you land on the page, choose "Add your URL", enter a URL you want to be indexed, type in CAPTCHA and submit the request. Easy, isn't it?

Add URL to Google
Add URL to Google

Here's another example of submitting your website page to Bing
After you type in "add URL to bing" in a Search Engine, the first result you'll see will direct you to the page

Submit URL to Bing
Submit URL to Bing

Here you have to enter your website's URL alongside CAPTCHA.

Click Submit — and that's it.
Submit your site to all Search Engines that you think are important, and the crawler will come to your site to look at it.

If there's a special local Search Engine in your country, like Yandex in Russia, or Seznam in Czech Republic, it's also important to submit your website there.

It won't take much of your time to submit to Search Engines, but it may take quite a long time till the crawler visits your site. In my practice, it took up to 6 weeks. And, it also depends on the Search Engine.

For this reason, here's another thing I believe you should do:

2) Put a FAT link to your website

Quite logically: if the Google spider loves some web page and visits it quite often, and that page has a link to your site, then this Google crawler will be happy to follow the link and look at your site, too. Same thing about other Search Engines.

So here's what I'm driving at: try to get a link from some respected web page with a good Page Rank (preferably 4 and above).

DO IT NOW! Submit your website to Search Engines, or put a good link to your site, or better do both.

Problem 2: Your site is hard for Search Engines to crawl

Note! A situation of the kind is quite common, and this problem may cause both a) no results at all and b) & d) incorrect number of results

Moreover, even if the site:your_domain_name query brings correct results, the problem may still exist, therefore going through what I say next is a must!

So... another problem that could occur: the Search Engine knows about your site, but the spider simply cannot crawl through it, as it's too inconvenient and search–engine–not–friendly. Well, this takes some more effort to solve, but no worries! The guide is here to help

And, what I talk about further makes a big plus to know, even if your site is found by Search Engines. So look through the points below anyway, and do all I recommend. Even if you think your site is totally OK, I'm sure you'll find things to improve.


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#5322 2022-08-30 09:28:31 PGH Gutter Cleaning

Thank you for sharing helpful content like this. It is really insightful for business owners like me who manage gutter cleaning.

#5259 2022-03-23 04:19:33 Furkan Sağlam

Merhaba siteniz çok güzel başarılar dilerim.

#5053 2021-02-04 12:51:41 dom Nick

This is really amazing website. Thanks

#5037 2021-01-30 12:30:39 seo services in islamabad SEO GURU

bundle of thanks

#4756 2018-10-03 20:23:02 azas azast

Thanks for share..

#4497 2016-09-05 02:51:09 Hemant Kumar

Awesome Post,
I must confess, I read every bit of this post and am satisfied with what I read.Thanks.

#4266 2015-10-21 01:00:15 Dailies Room

Nice one

#4026 2015-02-26 11:51:25 Ideamax SEO in Bulgaria

How often the search engines crawl the sites?

#4027 2015-02-26 23:35:08 Dan Richmond

It depends on the type of the site. Newsmakins sites or popular blogs/social accounts are crawled every day or even more often. If the site does not update pages very often, search engines may crawl it once a week or even less. You can also indicate the crawling frequency in the sitemap.xml file

#4352 2016-01-14 23:43:13 Anton Shutenko

But the frequency crawl will be closely linked on the frequency of adding new content.
So the data (frequency crawl) in the sitemap do not play a big role.

#3790 2014-03-01 06:47:43 DENNIS MCCORMACK

I must of missed something, as a new user, can you explain how to add a FATLINK.

#3794 2014-03-04 06:11:47 Dan Richmond

Hello Dennis.

Adding a FAT link means getting a link from the respectful,frequently updated and visited page. Such pages are frequently crawled by Search Engines' robots and as a result, the sites linked to such pages are also frequently re-crawled.

#3594 2012-12-14 20:04:27 Gabriel Battika

Hi Dan ,
Our site on Alexa has gone from 18 million + to 2.7 million but it still doesn't show up in any keywords rankings ,I don't know if i can attriubute this to just improveing our site by fix up some decriptions , titles, on posts and photos etc . Or this just google doing some internet wide changes .

What are your thoughts abotu Alexa ranking.

#3605 2012-12-26 02:37:24 Dan Richmond

Hello Gabriel.
Alexa rank is the index based on how frequently your site is visited. Sure it is an important SEO factor that should be taken to account, but please note that it is no way related to Google and the way it treats sites.
Please remember.The fact that you improved your Alexa rank doesn't mean that your site position in Google will rise.

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