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1.3 Making Your First Ranking Report

I know you already have a massive list of great keywords, and it′s good enough to start with. Still, there′s yet another thing to take care of now. I mean, there must be a way to see how well your site is doing. How are you going to check your progress?

Some will ask, why check it at all? But how can you know for sure that you′re doing the right thing, if you don′t have good evidence?

Any check is an impulse to the subconscious that forces you to do better. A real–life example comes from sports: after sportsmen start evaluating their results regularly, their achievements jump 20% up — and this is just because of measuring success, all else is done the same way!

In SEO, the traditional solution is to make keyword ranking reports at least once a week. (I do it daily, though. With the software I use, it′s a minute′s business.)

Now look at your watch. It looks like it′s high time for your first ranking check :–)

Option 1: Measure keyword rankings with your own hands

Here′s a way to do it manually: type in a keyword in the Search Engine where you wish to check the ranking, then find your site in its result pages and check what place it′s on. In our case, the website is on the 21–st position.

Checking Google rankings manually Checking Google rankings manually

Pretty boring, I know. But you can automate part of the work — here′s a quick list of free resources to use for evaluation of your keyword rankings:

What′s good about them? They′re simply free and good enough!

What′s bad, then?

First of all, they only check positions in, Yahoo! and Bing. So if you need, say, to check rankings in, or — then do all the job manually, or use the Rank Tracker tool I describe further.

And another thing. Well, they just won′t remember you. If you come after a month to make another check, you′ll have nothing to compare with. You can only keep your previous results yourself, if you invent a way to do so.

Also, most of these free resources require Yahoo! and Google API keys. This makes the work inconvenient, because API keys put certain limitations on the number of queries you can perform.

Search Engines do not want multiple or automated queries (and SEO work is impossible without them), so they require API keys — it′s like an allowance to query Search Engines.

Still there′s a non–free Rank Tracker tool, which not only checks your rankings instantly, but also shows your progress and doesn′t necessarily need a Google API key — so it′s great to evaluate your work.


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#3795 2014-03-07 17:36:25 marie robert

Very good article and very rewarding good work!

#2999 2012-05-02 19:39:48 Jansen Wendlandt

I wish I had known about this a year ago when we did a full site re-design and I kept an updated spreadsheet with terms and pages trying to track how the changes affected our rankings.

#2812 2012-03-24 07:30:08 Ranjeet Thakur

the result of rank tracker and the result of google search are very different why......?

#3054 2012-05-30 04:04:40 Dan Richmond

Really, sometimes Rank Tracker may pull the ranking results that differ from those in your browser. Please follow the link below to learn why this happens:

If the issue still continues, please contact Link-Assistant.Com support( and report about your problem. I am sure, they will investigate the the issue and provide you with the solution.

#2574 2011-12-29 13:58:26 david van den berg

Hi Dan, the keyword searches the rank checker finds - are these EXACT, BROAD or PHRASE search results. Just wondering, as broad keywords or even phrase does not, from my knowledge, give a very good keyword efficiency index?

#3050 2012-05-29 05:21:52 Dan Richmond

You are right. In order to get the most accurate KEI result you are to use EXACT match type. You can easily set it in Rank Tracker clicking Preferences-> KEI Settings-> Number of Searches->Keyword Match type.

#2422 2011-09-18 21:27:25 Jennifer Alston

People can no longer obtain Google API Keys, its free if you dont include them in your query.

#1682 2010-11-17 09:25:04 Sebastiaan Hendriks

The results in rank tracker ar not allways the results given in google. Some of my keywords rank verry well in google but stays out of the top 100 in rank tracker. Cann somebody give me an explanation ?.. I have the same question asked to the support.

#2491 2011-11-15 07:42:08 Dan Richmond

The support people have this article in their knowledgebase, please check:

#1621 2010-10-21 07:12:06 Wouter - Simple SEO Agency Amsterdam

Hi Dan you say that you check your rankings everyday. But I like to check all interesting keywords for a website (about 300) to be able to look for a pattern and see if the se knows what theme my site is about.

Do you only check like 10 keywords per website that you can do it everyday?


#1622 2010-10-21 08:35:51 Dan Richmond

You can definitely check all 300 keywords daily, you can use any rank checking tool for that, for instance Rank Tracker (next chapter).

#1623 2010-10-21 08:43:41 Wouter - Simple SEO Agency Amsterdam

But what if you have to monitor 10 websites then 300 keywords is quite a lot, I'll have to keep my pc running day and night. Maybe there are some tips to do it more efficient?

#1278 2010-05-20 08:46:03 Adeel Akhter

Dan thanks for being kind. Actually i am analysing a website and saw the result so thought to ask you about what are these new things.

The problem is that i was working on a site and the source page showed me some keywords. When i analysed it on

it says the website has total number of 990 keywords but there were not even 50. What is the meaning of this?? The page i am optimizing is

any idea what is the problem?? and what type of an error is this?

#1292 2010-05-28 08:23:22 Dan Richmond

The reason could be that this free online tool gives out wrong data. I have no idea how it differs "words" from "keywords", but I can help you out with' tools :) You might want to contact the "webseo" support and ask them that question.

#1276 2010-05-18 11:08:26 Adeel Akhter

Waiting for my answers.. ! :)

#1277 2010-05-20 07:55:06 Dan Richmond

I do not really see any unanswered questions from you in this thread. Please feel free to ask any extensive questions using these e-mails: dan(at) or register in Link-Assistant.Com support department - the guys there can help you as well:

#1272 2010-05-17 14:29:39 Vijeta Aishwarya

Hello sir,

You have written so many times Google API Key.

Can you brief me about API key and its uses?
How it can help in keyword ranking and SEOs?

#1273 2010-05-18 08:08:37 Dan Richmond

It does not hep you in any way, it's simply a key that Google offers you if you wish to use Google's data obtaining it via external tools (such as out software):

So you can get the key, enter it in our tools and have a certain amount of secure searches per day.

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