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4.5 Quality of links

As I already said, with links sites kind of vote for each other, and some "votes" are more trusted by Search Engines than others. This is what we call different link quality.

Like, when you ask for advice on to which nursery to take your kid, you′ll better trust Maggie who′s got three kids of her own, rather than Charles, who′s a bachelor of 47 years, never had children and only heard about nurseries from his friends.

So here′s my off–page optimization advice #1:

Always think of the quality of links you′re getting.

And I′ll give you tips that′ll help you get only premium quality links.

4.6 Link farms and FFA sites

There′re hundreds of such websites that promise you SEO wonders, but I′ll tell you how it all works.

FFA (Free For All) sites and link farms are pretty much alike: FFAs are special sites where anyone can drop a link — and a link farm is any group of web sites that all hyperlink to every other page in the group. You can be tempted by a promise of "10,000 FFA links" and you may even really get these 10,000 links, hoping that your site will look very "popular". But instead, you get nothing but bad neighborhood and, most probably, penalization.

Google often acts like a human being: it′ll think if you "hang out" with these "bad guys", you′re pretty much the same. The quality of links you can get at link farms is most often so bad that Search Engines may stop trusting you and even kick you out of their indexes due to membership in a link farm.

Therefore, stay away from FFAs and link farms and try to build good quality links — and build them at the right pace. Sure, it takes longer to get a high quality link, but the results are worth the effort.

In the next chapter I′ll tell you how quality links are built. And right now, I′ll let you know, what a good link is made of.


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#957 2010-01-22 10:53:37 Dan Richmond

@Victor Wallace

I am not talking about a "penalty" here. But the fact remains: if you have a lot of "bad" backlinks, this may have a negative effect on your ranking. Here's a posting in Google's official blog that discusses the problem with bad neighborhood and how to deal with it:

#1508 2010-09-06 13:22:32 Ivo Ignatov

Google - Finally, keep in mind that low-quality links rarely stand the test of time, and may disappear from our link graph relatively quickly. They may even already be being discounted by our algorithms.

#950 2010-01-21 02:23:40 Victor Wallace

I have to disagree with this SEO guidance.

I mean think about it.....

I agree that outward bound links from your site to "bad neighborhoods" are very bad your sites reputation from Google's point of view - the qualification here is that I am the website owner and as such have absolute control over what happens on my site and where any outbound links point and there I am and should be held accountable for them.

However the context here is about inbound links.

Google DOES NOT penalize a website for the links inbound to any site ! Why ? well quite simply no website owner can control inbound links.

If this was a serious ranking factor then unscrupulous webmasters could very easy damage a competitors site by simply arranging for lots of bad links to be directed to a competitive site, lets face it these types of links are very very cheap to procure your can get an Indian SEO to do a lot of this type of work for a few hundred dollars.

This is the way that you should view inbound links....

There are a spectrum of good links of variable value and then there are links that have NO value.

Link farms have zero value and whatever time or money you spend on them is money wasted as they are simply of no value, not good not bad nothing.

#878 2009-12-28 07:37:08 waseem qamar

Hi Dan,
I am using free services (link exchange) for backlinks. Is it good for SEO or bad?

#752 2009-11-05 00:57:25 Larry Kenebrew Jr.

Good advice. I was going to try a link farm. I'm glad I read this.

Larry of <a href="">Myspace Layouts</a>

#722 2009-10-23 09:16:40 Dan Richmond

1) If a website has a top ranking, can hardly be a penalized site.
2) Google PageRank is not the only thing to look at when getting links.

<i>and when we make link with the page that has penalty from google this can effect our website is true??</i>

The chances to get any problems are normally pretty small anyway, as it will hardly be more than just a couple of links, when you have at least 100s of them. I'd say, try to avoid linking to bad neighborhood sites, but don't get obsessed with this idea.

#717 2009-10-23 03:40:03 Watch Naruto Online

We still have to careful to have a good quality of links,right?
Let say i want to make a link exchange with XXXX site.This site has a top level at google search engine.But not all website that has a top level at google has a good page rank or maybe the website was penalized by google.

and when we make link with the page that has penalty from google this can effect our website is true??

#706 2009-10-22 16:25:43 Enson Arantes

Hi there,

I was wonder if the case is like this.
first, we link to another website say X, this X website is from the same niche as our website, then this X website link to another website from FFA or Link Farm categories, and on this case let says search engine punish this X website for "being friend" with Bad neighbourhood, will this case affect my website as well?, as in the end, even come from the same niche, but this X website already become a FFA/LinkFarm family.

#3840 2014-07-25 00:39:28 click to sell

no it doesn't work that way.

#1507 2010-09-06 13:09:38 Ivo Ignatov

Is this a 3 way linking?

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