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Chapter 5: Finding SEO gems, or how to get premium one-way links?

Let′ s recall what you got to know in the previous chapter. In a little bit more detail, here′ s what I taught there:

  • Types, purpose of links and ways to get them
  • How to evaluate the quality of links and choose the best ones
  • How to make your backlink profile look natural
  • How to avoid Google penalization, or Anti–Penguin rules

Now how about trying to fetch the biggest SEO gems? Like real–life ones, these are pretty hard to get. But that′ s gonna be much easier for you, as soon as you know the tricks — and you′ re going to learn them in no time). I′ m talking about one–way links — the links that Search Engines love most and that may have the biggest potential to send you huge streams of traffic. Look what I′ ll tell you now:

Arranging good, solid links should be part of your links strategy, especially at the beginning of your link campaign, but not your one and only marketing strategy, though.

As I already mentioned, one–way links are something you should never neglect. They bring you respect from Search Engines — as well as traffic.

I′ m going to tell you how you get one–way links to your site. You′ ll get to know the best–working ideas and the best practices. Sure it largely depends on how well you perform at this point — though I believe with the guidance you′ re getting and the things you already know, you simply can′ t miss.


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#303 2009-04-06 09:10:24 Dan Richmond

<b>@Donna Goodman</b>

These appear to be directory submission tools. Just like I said in <a href="">this chapter</a> directory submissions are a great way to get relevant one-way links. There are a lot of directory submission tools and services out there. Thanks for sharing your favourites with us.

#278 2009-04-03 15:24:51 Donna Goodman

Hi Dan,

I would like to share a couple of links that provide unbelievable help finding high quality one way links for the most part!

The first is I have found this resource just too good to pass up!

The second is and they put all the information and url's rigth at your fingertips.

Your thoughts?


#1084 2010-03-22 13:04:35 Rituraj Sharma

Yes Donna I also use this directory. Its great way to link building. I got PR 3 because of this.

#3476 2012-08-20 08:06:31 Matt Withers

That particular site is a PR 4 now

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