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Option 2: Link building at ease – your personal LinkAssistant

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There′ s a brilliant SEO tool that was specially designed for link building campaigns: LinkAssistant. That′ s the #1 choice of thousands website owners from all over the world — and they all say this program makes SEO tasks easy–to–do even for the most non–savvy guys.

I use it for my link building, too, and here I′ ll tell you how you grow your links and manage your link building campaigns with the software without the usual effort. But even if you′ re not planning to use any software, read the next pages and you′ ll learn a lot of useful stuff about link management.

So download LinkAssistant and let′ s get started.

Honestly, I don′ t know a single person who′ d do all link building tasks by hand these days. People save their time for better things, while link building activities have become a no–brainer with the right software at hand. And if you′ re ready to check out what′ s quick and efficient link building, I′ m gonna teach you how to use LinkAssistant the best way.

Step 1. Find potential partners for your site

Again, your work starts with looking for new partner websites. LinkAssistant is rich to offer you six different ways to look for potential backlink partners. Let′ s look closer at some of them.

Partner search methods in LinkAssistant
Partner search methods in LinkAssistant

I′ d start from the first option: Find sites by keyword search. Here you′ ll have to enter your keywords. Save your time and effort, enter at least one keyword related to your business, so that the tool doesn′ t offer you to target irrelevant websites.

Keyword form in LinkAssistant Keyword form in LinkAssistant

After that, wait a while till when the software comes up with a massive list of potential partners, look through the list and mark the websites you′ d like to work with.

List of found partners List of found partners

If there′ re websites you didn′ t select, LinkAssistant will ask you if you want to "blacklist" them.

List of found partners

If you′ re sure you won′ t be dealing with these partners in the future, hit "Yes" to put them into a blacklist — and the software won′ t suggest them anymore. Just in case: if you′ ll wish to remove them from the blacklist later, you can do this in the software preferences.

Now let′ s see how other ways to search for partners will help.

Find sites that link to your competitors
The idea is simple, look at this example to understand.

Let′ s say you sell water mattresses. Your #1 competitor sells water mattresses, and sites that link to that guy might pretty well link to you. You just need to find out who these sites are and contact them.

Perform a deep scan on the website you specify
That′ s the shotgun method as they call it. You take a site and dig into it to find each and every URL it′ s linking to. Then we′ ll see if these sites are worth getting links from.

Configure Partner Search Settings in LinkAssistant Configure Partner Search Settings in LinkAssistant

Step 2. Contact potential partners and keep records

As I mentioned before, keeping records of your existing and potential partners is crucial. As soon as you figured out what links you want to have, it′ s time to contact website owners and discuss whatever ways to get a link you want.

And here LinkAssistant gives you a hand again. You′ ve got the Partner Email column. Where possible, the tool will extract websites′ contact data and arrange it neatly for each link. That speeds up your link building: you don′ t have to dig for contacts — just use email addresses you see here.

Backlinks management in LinkAssistant Backlinks management in LinkAssistant

And I guess the next question like this will be natural: And how do I evaluate the quality of all the links I find?

Sure there is a solution: your personal software tool to search for high–quality links.

Seo spy glass box

This is SEO SpyGlass. You can download it right now and we′ ll look at it together.


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Comments page:
#2998 2012-05-02 19:36:39 Jansen Wendlandt

Huge help - Thanks!

#2623 2012-01-09 05:55:27 Matthew Tones

Hi Dan.. just clarifying interpretation of no-follow status of a website link.

--> if it has a no-follow status of yes, this means no-follow is active,
--> and if it has a non-follow status of no, this means the external links are followed by spiders etc correct?

#2312 2011-08-01 16:34:05 Olexis Omar

Hi Dan
Linkassistan also help you to automatically track all the back link you has before get a copy of it so you don't need to check them manually.

#2046 2011-06-05 18:40:41 Akhere Ewalefoh

Just started using this tool, it is an amazing piece of software. I don't think there is any like it anywhere else, wow.

#1832 2011-02-02 15:04:46 doug kirk

Isn't it important to note that when identifying sites that link to you the goal is to then ask them to change the anchor text link back to your site for the best SEO value??

#1331 2010-06-22 15:02:12 Liposuction Side Effects

I'm glad to have a copy of SEO powersuite professional verision already, though I haven't used all its features yet but sure I'll be using it all soon.

#1528 2010-09-07 08:24:54 Ivo Ignatov

And I go on this way ;)

#1079 2010-03-22 02:27:15 Rituraj Sharma

What a comprehensive way to make us understand, it seems that you are in front of me and making me understand.
I must say you are awesome content writer.

#1067 2010-03-21 11:58:15 Daniel Price

Hi Dan (love your name!)

I'm intrigued by these 'link submission' forms you mention. I would like to place one on my site for others to request exchanges with me. How does link assistant know that I have such a form? Is there something I need to put into my sitemap to identify it as such?


#1099 2010-03-24 11:26:00 Dan Richmond

No it's even simpler than that. LinkAssistant can generate and upload such a form to your website together with your link directory.

#976 2010-01-28 11:10:48 Dan Richmond

@Ben Lovegrove

Please write to the developer's <a href="">support</a> to get this question answered. When writing, tell them which search method you are using and if you've selected any Expert options, tell them exactly what your settings are.

#1037 2010-03-04 13:54:38 Joel Orr

Hi, Dan! In the free version, LinkAssistant finds no links to my site. I know there are many--hundreds, actually. What might I be doing wrong?


#1044 2010-03-11 04:53:07 Dan Richmond

please write to support at with more details. They will help you solve the problem. (It's not the free-version-problem, I guess something is just wrong with settings).

#975 2010-01-28 10:51:22 Dan Richmond

@Paul Watchorn

<i>does the software use the Google method (in which case I will have 3 inbound links) or the Yahoo method, (where I have 8000 +)</i>

Firstly I want to make sure that you know that when Google shows only 3 links, this doesn't mean it sees only 3 links. Most likely it can see all (or nearly all) your links, it just doesn't show them to a user.

Secondly, regarding the software: LinkAssistant is using both Google and Yahoo! to get you more results.

I can also suggest that you should try searching for sites that are linking to you (or to your competitors) using the SEO SpyGlass tool:

You can choose the source in the expert mode there, but by default it will look up in Yahoo! plus about a dozen other SEs so you can find several thousand links.

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