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Introduction to your SEO guide

Hi, I′m Dan Richmond, and you′re about to get hold of my break–through SEO in Practice guide. I stay online 24 hours a day, so sure, I know today′s situation with SEO books. There′re just so many of them!!! And yes, I know someone may be skeptical. But I may ask SO WHAT? I′m serious about making this book the best practical SEO guide ever, and here′s the only way to prove this: check how it works.

So right now, in the book′s introduction, I′ll just try to answer the important questions you might ask me before you start. And then we′ll get straight to action.

Firstly, here′s a couple of words about why I wrote the book.

For ten years I′ve been a professional SEO, I worked out winning strategies using the try and error method. Now I believe I′m expert enough to put the best of my experience into a practice–oriented SEO guide.

I′ve seen hundreds of clients, and you can take my word: each day, they keep asking the same things. And after 10 years in SEO I know this for sure: the main question here is not what it′s about. It′s definitely


Now tell me honestly, among the hundreds of SEO books on the Internet, did you see any that teaches the exact simple steps to get to the top? So take me for a humbug if you like, this tutorial is unique. It answers the "what–should–I–do" questions my clients keep asking me for years.

I know you also have some general questions about SEO. Same thing, I answered them a million times and now′s yet another one.

The first problem you have to solve at once is:

To SEO or not to SEO?

If you check it on the Web, you′ll find there′re other ways to get traffic ( = visitors ) to your site and thus to make money. Say, pay per click campaigns (PPC) like Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, or Bing Ads.

Here′s what I can say, and it′s not a personal opinion, but a common fact: PPC brings results fast, but you have to pay all the time. The sums get rather big. And you never know for sure, whether PPC will pay for itself, or it′s just money down the drain.

SEO is different, in terms of investment and effect. First you pay (and all of us SEOs know that real optimization costs are not that big), and some months later you start getting dramatic results. Yes, SEO pays for itself hundreds of times better, in the long run.

The amount of traffic that SEO may bring you is unlimited. You′d simply go bankrupt trying to get as many visitors with PPC campaigns.

Read what happened to one of my clients: in March 2006, they launched a new online gift store. At once, they started a PPC campaign and spent about $40,000 within 3 months. In return, it only brought $28,000.

At the same time in March, I started an SEO campaign for them. All in all, it cost less than $14,000 (including my charges, which are quite big). And, by December 2007, the estimated gain from SEO was $122,000, which is 4.4 times more than Pay Per Click could bring.

As you can see, even if you pay an expert to optimize your company′s site, this pays for itself dozens of times over! And if you do SEO yourself, your costs are so small, and your profits can exceed them by not even dozens, but hundreds of times!

Thus an ideal solution is, go ahead with SEO, and launch a PPC campaign at the same time, to get some traffic from it before your SEO efforts start bringing you real money. And remember: PPC brings pennies, compared to what you get with SEO.

The second question is,

Should I do SEO myself, outsource it to a freelancer, or pay an SEO company to do it for me?

What if you hire a freelancer?

Firstly, you can never trust he′s doing it right.

What if he goes the wrong way and your site gets banned? How are you going to control an outsourcer? Moreover, he will ask for a fat sum.

Read this Search Engine optimization guide, and you′ll know how to check what a freelancer′s doing at any moment and what it′s really worth.

An SEO company will charge a lot

(When I say a lot, I mean it!)

And, if you trust them to start your SEO campaign from scratch, they will do exactly the same things you can do with this book, or even less — but you′ll have to pay thousands of dollars, monthly.

Now, please think of yet another thing: my clients′ businesses gained over $37,000,000 due to web promotion. And believe me, the best part of these 37 mln could have been made without my assistance, had my clients read this book.

Read this SEO guide, and I′ll be sure that you′ll never pay an SEO company more than they deserve.

DIY is free, but requires knowledge and time.

Yet with this book in your hands, you′ll get all the knowledge you need. And it′ll save you a lot of time, firstly, because you don′t have to educate elsewhere, and secondly, because it teaches you to make abundant use of SEO tools that make it hundreds of times faster.

And, it′s not at all hard. All strategies I provide here were devised for real–world clients in order to earn real–world money. And here′s my word: to make a boom of sales, you need the simple universal things I teach here.

Call it a schedule, a manual, or whatever — this book is like taking you by the hand and guiding you, step by step, up to the point when you break a bank with your site.

Here′re four curious facts about web search:
  • When Internet users look for information, services or products to buy, more than 8 out of 10 rely on Search Engines, not simple surfing.

  • 85% of these searchers don′t click on paid links.

  • 63% of links that are naturally displayed at the top of Search Engines get clicks.

  • Being naturally found at the top (due to SEO, not to payment) converts 30% higher ( = brings 30% more money).

So here′s my idea:

as long as you start, do SEO (whichever way you like), and use this book. Mind it, with this guide you′ll be in fact doing things a professional SEO would do — and it′ll turn out easy and free!

After that, when your site is flourishing, you can afford to pay for very sophisticated SEO tricks. Yes, a grown–up site may need personal approach. So that will be the right time to hand it out to SEO experts (of course if you find that necessary).

One more thing we have to discuss now:

Who can do SEO or Who is this book intended for?

The short answer is: everyone. Anyone who could be my client will save a fat sum and gain much more — all with this book.

And among my clients, there were medical centers, financial consultancies, music shops, wildlife refuges and what–not. I knew a guy who was selling pottery on the web and a woman who founded an Internet community for people with lung cancer, a young lady who had an online art gallery and two brothers who owned a transportation business.

Thus if you have a website, you′ve come to the right place. And, it′s time to see how you can make it work, free of charge!

Now you′re mere seconds away from getting the first portion of my instructions.

So don′t delay, get down to your SEO guide right now, and push your website to the top!


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#4 2008-07-31 15:43:15 Anna Schuttehelm

Hi Mr. Richmond,

I am thrilled that you have assembled this site and that I passed with flying colors on your first chapter. I was disappointed to find, however that I could not continue as the course is not complete yet. I just started my own home-based business as an SEO Strategist and I was looking forward to displaying my certificate on my little site. As the course is not complete and I have aced what there is of it, is there any way to get a completed certificate to display??

Warmest Regards,

Anna Schuttenhelm
Home Page Help Agency
(p) 805.901.0267

#1178 2010-04-19 14:44:45 Thomas Kampling

@ Anna Schuttehelm

May I ask you a serious question, you want to provide professional SEO Service to Buisiness Owners etc.with your cute Website,0 optimized for any Keywords.(h2 tags = "for affordable prices")what is affordable prices? The lawyer to sue you.
The current Alexa Rank of your site (built in 2008) is 23.357.654 !!!
(if you even know what that means),
and asking these questions for a Experts lable. Are you serious? If you dont know how to copy images/ graphics from a site to steal it, you will never get one!
You are seriously offering SEO Service to clients, without even knowing the basics.
This is your Text on your portfolio page:

"We are working on bringing you samples of our work. In the meantime, please call us and we will personally provide samples, search engine successes and client references."
such as your own website?
I am sorry, this is first time of criticise, but I am totally angry about the insolence, asking for a free SEO Experts Ceritficate with these expertise, it makes me incredibly angry, and to claim, that you were a trainee of Bruce Clay , is the top of impudence.
Now you want SEO in Practice giving you a certificate, for a test, every interested SEO trainee will pass easily?
You make me sick. Sorry thousand times for this agressive language, but it makes me sick.
Who would put his signature under your service?
Dan sorry, even if you have to delete this, I`ve never seen such an impertinence.

#1179 2010-04-20 10:07:21 Dan Richmond

Thomas, the comment was left in 2008 and who knows w changed since then, it does not look that Anna is continuing what she started (although I would love to be wrong), so please be merciful :)

#1340 2010-07-01 08:23:50 Kris Blair

Hi Dan
just happen to be perusing the comments and was wondering what Thomas Kampling was on about at @ Anna SchuttehelmI too had alook at her site :-(, I am no SEO expert by any means but even I draw the line at blatant miss representation of one's skills, any way great book, I will when be launching my own Search Marketing co soon but not before I have a better understanding of SEO and can get a higher rank for my own site before believing I have the skills and knowledge (balls) to actually charge people

#3 2008-07-31 15:12:49 Ricardo Sultan

Dan, thanks for offering your tips.
Looking forward to start reading the guide once I get out of the office!

#2 2008-07-31 15:08:41 Ashley Berman Hale

Dan -
Thank you for your efforts in making your tips available.

I'll give it a read, take a few notes and be sure to shoot off a few questions or comments. I'm guessing the discourse following review will be a most valuable asset on the site. I look forward to being a part of that.

Happy reading y'all.

#1 2008-07-31 13:23:30 Dan Richmond

Hi everyone, glad to see my new fellow SEOs ;)

I have immense joy to make the first posting here and to invite you to talk.

I'd be happy to discuss with you the SEO techniques I'm offering. How does it work for you? Is anything unclear? On what points should I expand? Or what are your general thoughts on the tips I'm giving? Tell me whatever you think. Just stop by to say hi, or start a long debate - I'll be equally glad to see any kind of comments.

Whatever questions or ideas concerning the SEO in Practice guide and its content you have, let's talk and try to find answers. Still the regulations will be quite strict, as I hate spam. Quite sure if there're unrelated or offensive comments that have nothing to do with the guide's topic, I'll remove them. Ruthlessly. Period.

So let's talk SEO. Who's the first to chip in?

#3733 2013-09-10 07:09:55 Tantan Alvian

Tantan Alvian

#3067 2012-06-01 10:46:09 Stavros Kourtidis

Nice greetings from Germany !!!
When I started the SEO, I had just a travel page. Back then it was just a few bookmarks, forum entries and catalogs and a site was ranked good already. Now it is more complicated.
Anyway, the site helped me to get a job in a seo company. Now i want to get an expert in SEO, and searching for People to practice as well.
I can only say, i thank god for guys like u, that they have more in mind than money.
Thank U thanks a lot !!!

#2848 2012-04-05 21:44:16 Avadh Kathiababa

Hi Dan! For me it was like a blessing. I am totally a newbie and I am not in a position to afford a penny, yet to make a income I made a site with wordpress and hosted the same with Bigrock. Did all the google Adsense. Tried hard to put in Contents that I thought relevant and appropriate. Now to get results I downloaded lots of plugins into it but without results. Finally I gave up all hope. All of a sudden I found you. I am still reading the Seo in practice (free version) and getting more and more excited. Now I am slowly gaining confidence that it will start working. Thanks a lot, but mere words won't make you happy. Therefore in near future I am trying to prove it in words. Your guidance throughout will be highly appreciated. Once again thanking you in anticipation.
Kathiababa Avadh Behari Das (

#2583 2012-01-05 02:01:49 Watson1 prince

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#1989 2011-05-05 22:14:18 Phill Payne

Hey, I am about to start your SEO in Practice. A little bit of trepidation here as I am not really that competent on a computer, still time will tell.

#1063 2010-03-20 05:50:55 Rituraj Sharma

Hello Dan,

First of all thanks for your guide. All tips are seeming very valuable.
I look forward to further reading.
I wish to ask one thing that, what is relevance between search result and google page rank. If a websites page rank is higher than competitive website, then would it appear first for similar keywords search on Google?

#3579 2012-12-03 11:00:38 location voiture agadir

Also, i'd like to add other question as "Dan Richmond" ask, is the SEO tips afect only Google? and why my web site is in the top 10 google search, and note in Bing and Yahoo?
Quastion that i loke a lot to find it in your next edition.
Thanks for all

#1175 2010-04-19 14:01:14 Thomas Kampling

Pagerank is not so serious factor, because it is so easy to manipulate, if you have many sites,you can start the stopwatch for how fast you have the wished Pagerank with few links. I started one project with 10 sites. Promotiong the first of them to PR#2 all the others followed in weeks to same PR#2. And the Searchengines know that. Dan, am I right?

#1193 2010-04-27 09:42:52 Dan Richmond

Yes you are right. However it is easy to make a page PR2 and pass it on to other pages, while it's almost impossible to do the same trick with PR7, for instance.

#1088 2010-03-22 14:19:16 Dan Richmond

A high PR is a good factor to have. However PageRank alone cannot guarantee you a higher ranking than a competitor. Read on to the guide and you will see what else influences a website's positions.

#1089 2010-03-22 15:14:46 Rituraj Sharma

Yes Dan I have read complete book with in a Day.I am damn clear about page rank and its relation with other things.

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