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Option 2: Grab WebSite Auditor and X-ray your competition

The tool that'll make your on-page optimization plain to see is WebSite Auditortool for seo audit.

WebSite Auditor is easy to use. As you select "Webpages" tab, you have to choose a landing page and enter the keyword you want to optimize it for.


And after the check is done, you′ ll see your landing pages like on an X–ray pic! Let′ s see:

Keywords analysis in WebSite Auditor
Keywords analysis in WebSite Auditor

If you want to take a deeper dive and examine every single webpage element, click the tab "Page elements" and get ready!

Display of elements
Display of elements

Here you′ ll find detailed report on what is found within this or that tag, being it H2–H6 tags. ALT text or Meta Description. Not only WebSite Auditor displays the list of all the tags, important for on–page optimization, it also lets you peep into the webpage code and see with your own eyes where this or that element is located and how it′ s formatted.

Displaying title in the source code
Displaying title in the source code

Looks a bit too intricate? No prob!

You′ ve got the best part of WebSite Auditor as well, which is the Page Structure Audit Report. It explains you every part of your page′ s optimization in plain English.

Here′ s what you actually can do and what I ask you to do now: look what you need to change on your page to make it as great for making money as your competitors′ traffic–winning pages. Yes, it′ s right in front of you: if something′ s already fine on the page, this is marked green. And what needs to be changed is left yellow or red, depending on how much it differs from the ideal.

Page Structure Audit Report
Page Structure Audit Report

Thanks to WebSite Auditor you will not only see areas for improvement, you′ ll also be able to check what your competitors are made of.

Select the keyword you′ d like to check your optimization rate for, go to Webpage Report tab, and select Page Optimization Audit Report in the dropdown menu on the right.

Dropdown reports menu

In a clap you′ ll see what brought your competitors to top ranking positions and how well your page is optimized compared to the top 10 ranking pages for the selected keyword.

Page Optimization Audit Report
Page Optimization Audit Report

And if you click on a particular element, you′ ll get detailed recommendations on what you should do to rank as high as your competitors.

Link anchor text optimization
Link anchor text optimization

DO IT NOW! Download WebSite Auditor, run a check for your landing page and generate a Page Optimization Audit Report!

Took a quick look? Then let′ s get down to work, making the necessary changes and creating an ideal landing page. Ideal is what? Remember? Looking great and natural, and producing good clients!


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Comments page:
#1362 2010-07-21 09:56:59 Andrew Hughes

Hi Dan,

Are you aware of the new beta version of Website Auditor (I'm sure you are)? I think it's a great natural progression for the software as Google has made it clear that "themed" sites with good internal link architecture, clean loading etc will do better in rankings (by how much remains to be seen!).

The disappointing thing about the new addition is that it's just data and for those of us relatively inexperienced folks, it's unclear quite how to use it. The beauty of WA so far has been that it gives you step by step guidance on what to change and where. The new addition just seems to give you data.

Do you know if there is proper support for this in terms of a video or tutorial? Are you planning to build this into SEO in Practice? At the moment I feel limited in how I can use what seems like fantastic new data.

#1056 2010-03-16 19:17:30 John Fenton

I'm running into a bit of a problem with the tools when you add localization onto the keywords. In my case it's "Mailing Service Sacramento." I'm not concerned with competing on a world wide basis. When I add the Sacramento to my Keywords I run into 2 issues. The KEI for my key words is poor and in some cases comes up as "no data" and the Web Site Auditor shows my competition as having a 0% keyword density. Now I can run it without the Sacramento... but my competitors come up completely differently and I'm off the charts when it comes to rank tracking.

What's the best way to handle that?

#1060 2010-03-19 12:44:52 Dan Richmond

Here's what I would do in your case.

1) Check KEI for words without "Sacramento" and select the most appealing words. Let's call it List1

2) Check KEI with "Sacramento" and compare words with the highest KEI on both lists. This will help you refine List1.

3) Optimize for words from List1 but with "Sacramento" added, and look for competitors with "Sacramento", accordingly.

#948 2010-01-18 10:51:08 Dan Richmond

<b>@carlos alberto martinez gadea</b>

Like I already told you in the email, the percentages for the competing sites show how well those sites are
optimized. Your own optimization rate is shown at the top of the page.

#941 2010-01-07 04:47:36 carlos alberto martinez gadea

Hi Dan!

First of all thank you and you team for the work that with SEO tools. They are great and I'm having very good results with them.

I have a question, when you do a report with WebSite Auditor, on the competitor's zone, if the word that I'm checking now, top 10 webs shows an Optimization Rate with green colours, it's would say that my optimization with this work is fine? If we compare with the top 10 sites.

I left an image of that

Thanks for all Dan!

#911 2010-01-03 07:10:21 Paul Watchorn

On the down side though, I have so much red looking at me I thought I was in Moskow :-(
Still, at least I can see it with my own eyes now.

#910 2010-01-03 07:06:34 Paul Watchorn

I mean, this is really good stuff. I opened the auditor software when I first downloaded the trial software. It meant nothing to me. Now it is really looking like I will be able to work with this software, I am really impressed with it.

I work is a town of just 10-12k people . In my business (hopefully to be passed on to my daughters soon) local business people always wonder about each other. I have had a really good idea that two of my competitors were doing much better this last year, and that three had virtually stopped trading!
I just did the auditor test for (what I think is the top keyword), and hey, the report says just what I have been thinking, what’s more, it does, it gives me x-ray vision, you can’t buy it!!!

First class!

#840 2009-12-13 20:26:46 Ken Taylor

@Dan Richmond

Dan, thanks for the feedback. I re-read this lesson and you know, I'm going to stick with the software. Here's why..

You use it and it helps make your clients get more targeted traffic which leads to a nice flow of money coming in for your clients.

I need to pay attention to each little element that makes up the SEO of a site. Because by optimizing each element for its maximum potential may very well mean the difference of being #1 or #2. And there is no better place to learn about the elements than from the Software Report. It's very detailed and really makes it simple to make the changes that need to be made.

The software gives me an educational experience with SEO every time I use it. So the more I use the Software, the better the software makes me at SEO.

#818 2009-12-09 08:11:29 Dan Richmond

@Ken Taylor

Let's put it this way: you have an ability/knowledge to deside what's good or bad for you and interpret the data the right way.

There are thousands of people however who do not have the understanding of SEO or copy at all. So for those folks, it's better to follow the software's advice.

#817 2009-12-09 08:07:52 Dan Richmond

@Carmella Wilson

Carmella, Tech support folks told me they have already replied. Please login to their online support system to view the reply.

#815 2009-12-08 22:10:16 Ken Taylor

My first impression with my results was, "Wow! I've got a lot of work to do!"

But again, and Dan I don't mean to be critical, but I think you should emphasize that this data is nothing more than "indicators" and that us human users need to keep one thing foremost, and that is ask ourselves, "Is this natural? How can I use the indicators to make my site more natural?"

Here's why. I have a 5-page micro-niche site with each page built on one KW phrase. As an example, in the report one KW under "H1 Headings" was 'green' and with another KW it was 'red.' So just because the number of word totals don't match up with the "Avg Comp" doesn't "necessarily" mean that I need to change it. I need to ask myself "If I change will it feel, sound, look "naturally better". I may find that not changing will be better.

Please Dan, let me know if I'm getting the hang of this. If I'm not of the right mindset, please let me know. Love this course and I'm learning a lot.

#5409 2023-06-13 09:50:15 blossom word game

Conducting on-page SEO audits of websites is the core function of WebSite Auditor. It checks websites and generates comprehensive data on a number of on-page optimization factors.

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