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Option 2: One click to choose the best keywords

Yes, the time comes to see how keyword software makes the final decision swiftly and gracefully. So I′m anxious to say, it′s already there. Rank Tracker is done with keyword research — and with the choice as well

Let′s have a look. On the right of the keyword tool′s window, find the combo box with workspaces and choose Keyword Research View. Now you can see a column with KEI. In this column, the tool has put a color marker for each word, ranging from green to red.

Keyword Efficiency Index in Rank Tracker Keyword Efficiency Index in Rank Tracker

So, What′s KEI and Why Do We Need It?

As I already told you, KEI, or keyword efficiency index is an SEO know–how. It shows you how good a keyword is for bringing traffic to your site. Or, putting it simple, how much positive effect keywords have on your paychecks.

You need keywords with high KEI. The greener the marker is in Rank Tracker, the better the keyword. So just sort keywords by KEI (click the header of the column), and separate the best keywords from non–worthy ones. And, you can just remove the keywords with bad KEI.

In the beginning choose keywords with 'green' KEI In the beginning choose keywords with "green" KEI

But WAIT! There′s more…

Potential traffic

Rank Tracker does not only let you estimate KEIs in a click of mouse, but also calculates how much visits this or that keyword may bring to your website i.e. how profitable a ranking for a particular keyword will be. Go check the Expected visits tab and make your choices!

Potential traffic Potential traffic

Eventually you′ll be left with 100–130 keywords. First, pay attention to the top 5 ones. You′ll use them a lot to optimize your website. The next 30 will be a good alternative, say, to create variations. Then, the remaining terms are good enough and should be there just in case.

DO IT NOW! Calculate KEI for your keywords, sort them out and choose 5 best keywords, 30 alternative ones, and leave 65 more to create more variations.

Let′s sum it up. You will hardly realize it at the moment, but now you have a list of premium quality keywords that are worth a fortune. As a next step, we′ll check where your site ranks for these words. To put it simple, let′s find our starting point.


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#265 2009-04-03 10:05:37 Dan Richmond

<b>@Adam Lavery</b>
Unfortunately to make the software determine relevance you would need to develop artificial imtelligence, which even Google hasn't done so far :)

#252 2009-04-02 13:25:51 Adam Lavery

Question: on the previous page you presented an alternative KEI formula that includes Relevance. Makes perfect sense. But from the Rank Tracker screenshots, there's no indication that Relevance can be added to your list of keywords. So how does Rank Tracker account for Relevance? Seems quite important in ensuring the keywords with the best KEI are actually relevant.

#132 2008-10-20 05:28:37 Dan Richmond

I thought the answer's already clear:) Put commas where it's required by grammar.

#130 2008-10-17 16:39:13 satish kumar

Thanks for the reply Richmond,
What about my last question? Do we need to separate each keyword with space or need to use comma in keywords content?

#128 2008-10-13 12:52:35 Dan Richmond


if that's gonna sit on your webpage, then my common sence says it's better either to use commas or to write "free movies download" rather than "free movie movies download". Firstly, people will see this. Secondly, search engines may also frown at keyword overuse. But that's a different point already, called over-optimization. That's why I recommend competition research for onpage optimization (WebSite Auditor does this well) - to see what's good in your niche.

#127 2008-10-13 05:39:12 jonny flores

Going with the last comment, I too am wondering about the placing and spacing of the keywords? Any advise on this maestro?

#114 2008-09-24 09:34:23 satish kumar

Hi, Thanks for the reply.
I mean comma between each keyword.
For live example keywords for my movie downloads site:
Shall i use keywords tag as "movie download, download movies, free movies download"
"free movie movies download"

In the first case download word is repeated thrice, where as in second case with four words more number of combination's can be made right?

On the whole is it ok to separate each keyword with space's or need to place comma's.

#113 2008-09-24 05:37:41 Dan Richmond

As I'm explaining here:
it's all relevant. (Pay attention at the diagram.) If your keyphrases include two words, they will be searched for more often. But they won't be as precise (read tartgeted) as longer phrases.

As for the comma, people searching in Google are very unlikely to enter their query with commas, and (with very rare exceptions) Google won't differenciate between queries with and without a comma. So my answer would be, if you need a comma grammatically, use it. If you don't then don't.

#109 2008-09-23 17:48:56 satish kumar

Can you recommend me in choosing the number of keywords, or atleast the maximum total keywords length. I even want to know whether to give a comma between keywords or better to leave a space(as we get more keyword combinations).

#26 2008-08-02 03:59:59 Cebu Marketing

This is also my experience.
Do to the time I use rank-tracker, I save a lot of time and increase my conversion rates.
Just give this tool a try...

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