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5.7 Rank checks are still a must

As I said in the first chapter — check your rankings on a daily basis to know if you′ re going the right way, and how much you improved.

You can either do this manually (which is pretty boring and time consuming as you may already know) or use Rank Tracker tool which in a couple of minutes will not only find your keyword positions for any location but will also keep accurate history of your checks and will even let you compare rankings you had on any date with that of your competitors.

In addition, Rank Tracker integrates with your Google Analytics account and allows you to:

  • Visualize the traffic data for every keyword, i.e. how many people came to your website by this or that keyword;
  • Easily analyze data on different types of traffic. To cut a long story short, people may come to your website after they searched for something relevant to your website in Search Engines (Search traffic), directly (when they type in your website address in the browser) or from somebody else′ s site (referral). And due to this integration with Google Analytics you can easily see what websites or search queries bring you most visitors. Profit!
  • Compare traffic for particular keywords over any period of time;
  • See how many visitors leave your landing pages (Bounce rate) and which of your keywords bring the audience that is really interested in your site′ s content;
Bounce rate data in Rank Tracker Bounce rate data in Rank Tracker
  • Instantly view how the number of your visitors depends on changes in SERP positions: just switch between different types of informative Rank Tracker graphs.
Visibility graph in rank tracker

Remember we talked about rank checks at the very start of the first chapter when you just made up a list of keywords and made your first rankings report with Rank Tracker. And I told you you′ ll be surprised to see how different it′ ll look like soon.

How about launching Rank Tracker right now? If you followed my recommendations, your rankings report will already look pretty different. And you will instantly see whether your keywords bring enough traffic and which pages need to be revised because of the high bounce rate.

DO IT NOW! If you haven′ t done a rankings check today — do it right now. Check rankings regularly and analyze the results.


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#5238 2022-02-17 14:02:37 Harry Mark

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#5226 2022-02-15 13:04:39 Kansas City Drywall Installation

This article is really totally amazing.

#4769 2018-11-09 09:37:57 luongit2211 phong

I am so glad I've found this book and be able to learn from you. I have been searching the internet and inspired by lot of bloogers who made a lot of money through blogging.

#4621 2017-05-03 13:12:54 Consultant SEO


Rank Tracker is a paid tool :/

Do you know any other tools to monitore my ranking for free ?

#4622 2017-05-03 13:22:42 Dan Richmond

The free version doesn`t allow to save projects indeed. However, you can check all kinds of rankings (local, universal, mobile) way more precisely than with any completely free tool.

#4605 2017-03-16 13:24:49 Imtiaz Ahmad

already working since long

#1381 2010-08-12 05:29:11 Reggienald Rivera

I am so glad I've found this book and be able to learn from you. I have been searching the internet and inspired by lot of bloogers who made a lot of money through blogging.

Learned some from them but your lesson is the best that I have encountered. Some have books teaching in general but yours teaches in specifics, others you have to pay to really learn deeper.

But you have published this and it is available for free so thank you very much for this valuable book that you are sharing to the world.

I am going to reread and reread it until I digest to the fullest and hopefully someday at least I can earn cash through blogging and making websites.

By the way can I take the test again sometime to change my 66 score.

Thanks from the heart and God bless you.

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