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5.4 The winning tool to select the best link opportunities

SEO SpyGlass will analyze each possible link for the important quality factorsthose I talked about before, plus many more! It′ ll find links that are good to attract other sites′ visitors — and those that will be great SEO help.

SEO SpyGlass shows you the best links like on a silver platter. The idea of this tool is simple yet genius:

Don′ t ever go through try and error

It′ s no secret to anyone, that if some competing site is at least a step ahead of you — this means they′ ve done something better than you did. What is this "something"? We already improved the on–page optimization of your website, based on your competitors′ best–working practices. Therefore, this "something" can′ t be a web page itself. And what remains? Off–page optimization, or putting it simple, their linking techniques. There′ s no third option — simple logic.

Now you need to be the best in your niche in link building. And how are you going to look for the best links? As I said many times before, first look around to see what others do, and then do what works best.

Here′ s the proven way:

Improve on the tested strategies of your competition

This is what SEO SpyGlass lets you do — unveil your competitors′ entire linking strategy, find the best possible links — and put them at your advantage.

So let′ s see where your links goldmines lie! Let SEO SpyGlass do its job: run the tool. See this Create–a–New–Project window?

Creating a new project in SEO SpyGlass Creating a new project in SEO SpyGlass

Now what′ s your major keyword? Or probably you know your main competitor for this keyword? You can enter either, just choose the necessary option.

Backlink search options in SEO SpyGlass Backlink search options in SEO SpyGlass

All right, so you enter your keyword — or your main competitor′ s URL, choose the Search Engines where you compete — and wait a while.

Choosing backlink sources Choosing backlink sources

SEO SpyGlass will gather all possible links of your competitor and analyze them for a good list of factors. The software checks how good each link will be for your traffic and SEO — and puts all these data into a neat table. Moreover, there′ s a surprise for you inside SEO SpyGlass that I′ ll save for later.

Let′ s look at the software closer. Here′ s the results tab you see, as soon as SEO SpyGlass is done with the job — and it′ s a true wealth of information.

Backlinks Data Tab Backlinks Data Tab

There′ s a separate row for every link, and in columns you find data helpful to judge on the quality of links. Right now, I′ ll tell you a bit about what′ s in every column and how you use that.


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#5329 2022-09-23 07:58:01 alali yachts

I think that, are enjoying a lot even me too. Thanks for sharing. Keep on posting


#5265 2022-04-02 10:04:34 smith usa

Thanks for this post.

#5228 2022-02-15 13:25:13 view here

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I am extremely delighted with this web journal. It's a useful subject. It helps me all that much to take care of a few issues.

#5093 2021-04-20 09:34:20 None

Thanks for sharing your content with us!

#5067 2021-02-26 12:04:26 Ken Hobbs

This is amazing. I hope this can help me rank as well.

#4696 2018-02-16 17:42:14 mrs ismail

Thanks for giving me the useful information. I think I need it. Thank you

#4682 2018-01-13 16:59:23 Lalti Devi

Is this valid for India Region also.

#2493 2011-11-17 12:06:50 Maksud Rahman

This is sound good and easy to learn I just thanks to you.

#1542 2010-09-09 11:01:00 Gerhard Bayer

I used SpyGlass to analyze our web site and I don't understand some of the results:
SpyGlass finds 94 back-links. Out of those 2 sites are down, 6 pages are not found, and 38 have no link. How is this to be interpreted? Does it mean those back-links are in a search engine directory that has not been updated for while? Should they be considered as useless?
81 have a link value of zero. What does this mean?
Thanks for any insights.

#4315 2015-12-11 01:18:02 Dan Richmond

The reason is that backlinks are found with the help of web-crawlers that are instantly scanning the Internet and all collected backlinks appear in a special database where SEO SpyGlass collects the results from. But, although we find approximately 20 billion backlinks per day, it still takes about 2-3 months to complete 1 cycle of crawling. Therefore, it may happen that way that some of the backlinks might have already been removed or not yet found.

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