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1.3.2 Let Rank Tracker do its job

Now let′s test the real power of Rank Tracker. As you have the tool, it′s a must to check your rankings by keywords with it.

An important thing in any business is to make sure you′re going the right way. SEO is no exception (remember the friend of mine, that bookstore guy who nearly lost 90K in an SEO campaign?) And for this purpose Rank Tracker reports are very illustrative. You′ll remember my words after the next check, when you see you′re moving up in the Search Engines.

Just select the keywords you wish to check, and use the Check button in the Keywords tab to make Rank Tracker work.

Check all your rankings with just one click
Check all your rankings with just one click

After it′s done with checking your rankings, you can switch to the Keywords tab to see how high are your site′s today′s rankings for the keywords you chose.

Website rankings in Google US
Website rankings in Google US

As you go on with this guide, you′ll check rankings from time to time to view your progress. The software will keep record of every check, so you′ll see in detail how fruitful your job is — all in the clear–cut Search Engine ranking reports.

What′s also so good about it, it doesn′t necessarily ask for a Search Engine′s API key. And, a great solution to the multiple queries problem is its smart human emulation feature. This cutting–edge function makes working with Rank Tracker safe and Search Engine–friendly.

Additionally, with Rank Tracker you can now check keyword positions specifically for each country your business serves, select the rank tracking depth, check your positions in Google Universal Search results, where listings from news, video, images, local and book search results are blended!

And take my word, you′ll love Rank Tracker just like I do. It animates the daily grind so much!

DO IT NOW! Check where your site ranks today for your major keywords. Make your first ranking report and keep it, so you can compare your results later.


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#1884 2011-03-11 18:29:51 michael davies

this tool is the greatest and so is this guide, all the things they sale you could not learn what you do here.

I do have a couple of questions.

1. How many keywords do you add per website I thought there was only one threw out the site. can you explain this or where i could find out.

#1830 2011-02-02 11:01:40 Hans Boin


Thanks, for making it like this!!

#1807 2011-01-22 02:07:59 Alessandro Brunelli

Experimenting with it, looks great. Flexible. A greta tool also at first sight.

#1689 2010-11-20 10:04:10 Scott Wilkins

What an amazing product! I LOVE Rank Tracker.

#1455 2010-08-31 17:04:59 Ivo Ignatov

Let Rank Tracker do its job... :)

#1257 2010-05-13 10:08:24 Donna Matrix

Going through this the second time around now (highly recommended), I just pick up even more stuff than the first time around. It is really a superb guide, many thanks for sharing such a brilliant piece of work.

#1218 2010-04-30 16:52:48 mario hector vogel

Thanks Dan,

is an enormous amount of knowledge theory and practice
that has brought you to me.

From Argentina I send you my gratitude and appreciation for your teaching

Mario Hector Vogel

#1202 2010-04-28 10:22:38 Michelle de Klerk

Don't really understand what you mean by the "human emulation feature."?

#1205 2010-04-29 04:30:02 Dan Richmond

It lets you query the search engines with delays, emulating human behavior. You can enable it in Preferences -> Search safety settings -> Human emulation.

#1203 2010-04-28 17:29:53 Thomas Kampling

Well, that means that Link Assistant tool emulates human behaviour while it checks the SERP`s (Searchengine Resultpages).It actually visits the various SE pages, takes intervalls between different queries. This si to prvent you to get banned from the Searchengines for automated requests, which is against their terms of use. This can even lead to permanent bann of your IP.You can even use proxies.
See preferences: Human Emulation

#1204 2010-04-29 02:25:15 Michelle de Klerk

Awesome thanks :) Loving this book by the way!!

#1201 2010-04-28 10:19:48 Michelle de Klerk

"What's also so good about it, it doesn't necessarily ask for a search engine's API key." Why do you say necessarily?

#1169 2010-04-18 07:40:56 Thomas Kampling

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